Home Improvement

What To Consider When Thinking About Home Improvements?

If you have ever had any work done on your home before you’ll know that home improvements can really affect the regular lifestyle of you and your family. Whether you are having an extension, a new kitchen or a new bathroom there will be some major changes as to how you get the normal household chores done and without thinking about these things beforehand, can result in stress and upset for your family.

In this blog post we have put together some things we think you should consider when you are thinking about home improvements for your home;

How Long Will It Take?
The first thing you need to think about when having any house improvement work done is how long the project will take and do you want to be there for the work? Is it worth booking a holiday for the week while work is being done so there is no impact on your home life? Make sure you have a timeline in mind and this is agreed with the home improvements company.

What Is Needed?
Will your home improvements need approval from the council, maybe you need a permit or inspections completed by the local council or the home improvements company before the work starts? Things like this can often slow down a home improvement project so it is important these are thought about before the work starts.

Where Will Stuff Go?
Before the work starts the materials will start arriving and you need to know where these things will be stored, it could be down the side of the house, in the back garden, on your driveway or in the garage. If it is going to be stored on your driveway on in your garage you need to think about where you will put your car. You also need to think about where you will put the things from the rooms and areas of your house where home improvements will be completed. Of course these ‘storage spaces’ need to be secure and weatherproof.

How Will You Live?
If you are having a kitchen or bathroom remodel you will need to think about where you will cook, wash up or wash yourself? In some cases a temporary kitchen can be set up in a different room or the garage and dishes can be washing in the bathroom – alternatively if it is for a short time maybe live on meals out in restaurants or take-aways for a few nights? If you are remodelling your bathroom you may have another one in which case you need to schedule times for the one bathroom, or even join a gym for a few weeks so the showers and washing facilities can be used there.

Home Improvements can be very stressful so make sure you follow the advice above and speak to the home improvements company to to see if they have any recommendations or advice that might help.